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September 20, 2019
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Entry form

Sensei Roots' Shiai Invitational

Bermuda Open Karate Championships

Paul Lepercq Memorial

Skippy KICK

Please highlight selected event.

Registration must be received one week before tournament date



There will be no refunds under any circumstances.

* Name ________________________________ * Rank ________________

Complete postal address

* Phone/e-mail ________________ *Date of birth ______ *Sex ________ * Height and weight________________*School name ______________________

Kata division _____________ Kumite division _______________ Kobudo division________________

Disclaimer and WAIVER

BKI reserves the right not to run a division if there are insufficient entrants. Categories of competition may be altered. Mouthpiece, protective cup for males, and foam safetys for head, hands and feet are mandatory in all kumite divisions. Competitors who are not prepared to compete when called are subject to disqualification. All equipment is the competitors responsibility. Groin protectors and optional shin and forearm protectors must be worn under the uniform. I the undersigned hereby release Bermuda Karate Institute (BKI) and Skipper Ingham owner and participating officials and all persons associated with this event in any capacity from any liability due to injuries etc including death that I may incur as a result of my attendance and/or participation. I do hereby release remise and discharge BKI and its servants agents directors officers employees and all other participants in the above stated activities due to negligence or any other fault furthermore I hereby waive any compensation whatsoever for the use of pictures movies media coverage etc utilized by BKI at any time. I have read and understand the foregoing waiver.

Signature _________________________

Parents signature__________________________ (if participant is under 21 years of age)

For further information phone (441) 292-2157
Fax (441) 292-5123